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The rule is that not the best qualified candidates get job. Your on-site performance plays a big role. Here are some easily forgettable points.

bullet90% interviewing questions raised based on your own resume.
bulleteye-to-eye contact, smiling all the way. don't miss anyone in the corner.
bulletasking easier and relevant questions back to the interviewers occasionally.
bulletbe honest to answer technical questions, you are not expert to know everything.
bulletdon't let your boss feel you might be a threat to take his position.
bulletdon't be critical, focus on what you can do.
bullettry to be humor to show your smartness.
bulletdon't act in a superior way.
bulletFind right time to raise questions AND answer those questions to show your strength. Just mentioning RMI a few times may prompt the interviewer to ask you some questions on that. And if you know it thoroughly... ;)



  1. How to deal with a question that is inappropriate?
    bulletBriefly answer the question and move to a new topic.
    bulletIgnore the question and redirect the discussion toward a different topic.
    bulletIf the question is blatant and offensive, you have every right to terminate the interview and walk out.
    bulletDon't answer the question, but answer the intent behind the question.

    For instance, if the interviewer asks, "Who is going to take care of your children when you have to travel?" You might answer, "I can meet the travel and work schedule that this job requires." Or if he/she asks, "Are you planning a family in the future?" You might say, "Right now I am focused on my career and as a family is always an option, it is not a priority right now."


  2. What lessons have you learnt from "Apprentice" show?

    At least 8 lessons:

    1. Have a Strategy
    2. Find Out What the Boss/Client Wants and Give it to Them
    3. Deal With the Person in Charge
    4. Be Positive
    5. Have the Courage to Speak Your Mind
    6. Stand Up For Yourself
    7. Be Flexible
    8. There's Life After Being Fired






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