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Technical Interview

In an ideal world, no one will ever need a list of 'Interview Questions'. In such a world, Interviewers would ask open ended questions to initiate a conversation, and during the conversations they should be able to evaluate the person.

We all know, this is not an ideal world. Not every interviewer has time (or inclination) for a proper interview. The whole interview degrades to a set of straight-forward questions with very predictable answers.

The best interview that I had, hardly contained any typical interview questions. I was asked just to explain a situation. That was "If you visit (popular search engine at that time) what happens after you type the URL and press enter". He discussed how a browser would parse a URL to extract domain, port URI, Query-String etc, then DNS lookup, http connection and so on...

At serve side, we discussed how Altavista might be crawling the internet. Why is it able to search so many pages in a fraction of a second. Obviously, none of us knew anything about actual indexing techniques used by Altavista, but  during the discussion he should have been able to evaluate my problem solving approach and knowledge about internet architecture. And yes, I was chosen for the job :)

Not every interview has been so good. Some of then start with customary "Describe Yourself", "What are your strengths", "How do you differentiate between method overloading and method overriding" type of questions.

I have assembled these questions to help fellow developers to get past these "not so good" interviewers.

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