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Vikas Dusad
Sudeep Garg
Rahul and  Kavita
Tarika Karankar
Mayank Mishra
Ashish Jain
Amit and Creena
Padmesh Rajput
Avinash Gupta

Some days are cold and dark.

Some make us feel so alone.
Some days are hard to understand.
On those days God knew we'd need an extra hug or two.
So he gave us friends.
So that we would always have an angel close when we needed one.

"If you can not find a measure of happiness in being loved it is not the fault of the one who loves you."

This page is dedicated to my friends. Who've helped me get through a very rough spring. Much of the material  speaks to me of someone special in my life. I hope it does to you too. I hope you find something here that will bring light to your day, touch your lips with a smile and allow you to leave with a little more joy in your heart than you had when you came. This is dedicated to friends. With many thanks to mine.


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