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Love is 'the' emotion in a relationship
By Arathi Uthappa

Often, people are thrown into situations where they just have to live with one another in an arranged marriage or even in a forced marriage. Sometimes, this can happen even in a situation where you have a love marriage or a live-in relationship. So is it necessary to love the person you live with to make your living a comfortable and a satiable one? Even if you have been a victim of circumstance? Yes, absolutely.

First of all, it is important that you know the person well to start liking him. Communication is a vital part of a relationship. So start learning your spouse - what she like and dislikes, what she expects from you and let him know what you are like as well.

Listen and love, that's the way
The importance of truly listening to what your partner really says will make a lot of difference to her and you and to the relationship. Be very open in your relationship. Trust and communicate every feeling that you may experience. Let there be no unnecessary secrets and holding back. This is because, at the end of the day, you will realize that you haven't opened yourself to anyone. Ask yourself - WHY? And learn to be totally free and reveal yourself to someone - our suggestion - your spouse!

Don't ever hide what you feel for her or dodge the issue till it becomes difficult for both of you. What are you hiding for? The self-liberating insights, which are revealing and personally empowering will assist you in achieving a healthy love relationship.

Kootchie coo your way into her heart
Unconditional love is another important anchor in one's life. Deeper levels of self-acceptance and understanding are weapons that hold your relationship intact. Maturity in a relationship helps resolve a lot of conflicts. But again, it's up to both of you to decide whether you want a mature relationship or a confused, conflict relationship.

Next, come the terms of endearment. Make it a point use words like baby, sweetheart, honey, darling, babycat, buttercup… whatever. This is a personal suggestion, but first make sure that your partner enjoys being called so. These words will make your partner feel good and loved.

Make love, not war
The act of lovemaking also gives a lot of boost to your relationship. Show the person you love through actions. Plan your activities together, make your partner know what you like and make your sex life interesting and innovative. This is an integral part when you are living together.

Whether you are married or single, whether you are already in a relationship or not, you are always in search of love. Achieving unconditional love, commitment, forgiveness, acceptance, support and creating breathing space between partners is the way to a healthy relationship.

Finally, you need to trust the person you love because jealousy, suspicion and selfishness can mar the relationship. With these feelings troubling you, you can never love a person you live with.

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